Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Integrating Technology Class

         I decide to write my last blog post about some thoughts I have about this class. I created this blog specifically for my Integrating Technology Class, which is a required, 1 credit class for the Art Education program at Montclair State University. The integration of technology in teaching is something that is important in today's education because it allows teachers to use different, innovative tools in the process of educating their students. I think the two major things I can take away from this class is learning about the creation and use of the canvases on PLAYground  and our last assignment, which was to integrate technologies into a lesson that did not previously have any included in its original plan. I wish we were assigned more projects like these throughout this class, instead of having to blog and comment on three classmates blogs every week, which I believe was nothing more than time consuming. I did find some of the blogs posted by my fellow classmates insightful, however, I personally thought for this class to be more beneficial to future teachers, we could have been introduced to more technologies that we would be able to incorporate into our teaching, such as the PLAYground canvas. In addition, I consider that this last assignment, integrating technology into a lesson plan, did force us to think of incorporating technologies in a way that would enhance student learning. I believe this assignment prepared me to be more conscious of how I will use technology in my lesson planning in the future.  


  1. Hi Karen, you shared a lot of insightful thoughts on what you got out of this class. I agree with you when it comes to the bogging and commenting. It was very time consuming, and that time could have been spent on learning more technology programs that we could use for teaching. I wish this class was more like the ArtEdTech class where we learned about how to incorporate technological devices into the art classroom, and applied what we learned into projects. However that is a lot of work, and possibly would turn CURR 316 into a 3 credit course. Whether that would be a change for the better, I really can't say.

  2. Karen and Raechel: This is really useful feedback for future course development. I'd love for you to say more about this in the formal course evaluation that will soon be posted. I agree that blog commenting ends up being highly manufactured and less useful. However, I wonder what would be an alternate reflective tool other than blogging? In other words, if you had the time/space (in a meager 1.0 credit course) to explore more art technologies, for example, (assuming that you haven't already learned those in your art ed tech class), then what form(s) of evidence would you provide as evidence of your learning about those technologies? other than a blogpost? And can you realistically be expected to learn how to USE those technologies AND simultaneously integrate them into your students' learning? And in 1-credit (which cannot be expanded to 3.0 credits). It's interesting for me to consider. Again, thanks for your feedback.