Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ways to Motivate Your Art Students

       Most students enjoy art class, but there are some that do not share the same enthusiasm for it. That is why it is important to use different methods to motivate all of your students. Besides being passionate about the topics you teach, make sure to have fun while teaching and present themes in unique ways. Developing projects around students’ interests will help get them engaged. For example, you can have the students create an expressionistic painting influenced by their favorite song. You can allow them to bring in their iPods or cell phones (with headphones), so they may listen to the song in class as they paint. They can also play the song for the class as they present their piece. Another great idea to switch things up a bit in class is to invite a guest artist to come and speak to the students. The guest artist can present and talk about their work and perhaps show the class a new technique. Taking a trip to a museum can also be fun, if you make it exciting. You can turn the visit into a scavenger hunt. As you tour the museum have the students find certain artworks such as, a piece of art they would like to put in their bedroom, their favorite impressionism painting or a painting that shows repetition. This will make the museum trip more interesting because it will help reinforce topics they have learned about in class. Besides, there is nothing like actually viewing artwork in person. Getting the students involved in the planning of an art show can be an exciting and a rewarding experience for them. They can choose a theme for the art show and create works that represent that theme. The students can choose which of their own works they want in the show. They also can help set up by hanging and displaying the artwork. These are just a few examples of how to motivate all of your students in the art classroom .




  1. "You can allow them to bring in their iPods or cell phones (with headphones), so they may listen to the song in class as they paint." Using music is one of key tricks to minimize stress. Sometimes students over think drawing but when music is applied to the situation students begin to mellow out.

  2. Incorporating music into your art projects is definitely a great idea. Like Philip said, “music one of key tricks to minimize stress.” For those students who are a little discouraged in the art making process, this could be a great way to help them relax a little. I have also learned that it is important for the teacher to be engaged in what’s going on as well. If teaching a certain lesson makes you bored, then surely the students will be bored, too. Be excited; look like you are having fun! Seeing your cheery attitude will help them have a positive outlook on what they are doing.

  3. Hello Karen, I definitely agree that the students should feel free to bring their own music whenever they are doing independent work. My high school teacher would allow us to bring a cd for the class as long as the music was harmonious and there was no profanity, It was great to do that because we practice a democratic behavior by sharing and at the same time respecting your peers music selection.
    Rachel pointed out something very important regarding motivation too, if your lesson bores you, it will be reflected onto the students. If it bores you figure out how to make it fun, otherwise discard it.