Sunday, November 3, 2013

Unit Plan Canvas

       I just created a PLAYground canvas. It is a great tool for teachers that can serve as an introduction to a new unit. My canvas is on Color Theory. Here my students can find many helpful widgets pertaining to the various topics that they will learn throughout this unit. I began my canvas with an open ended question about color for reflection. I then added a text widget that contains what the students can expect to learn from this unit and also what they could find on the canvas. I included two galleries of images. One gallery has examples of the color wheel labeled with important terminology along with the different color harmonies. In the other gallery, I included images of famous paintings where the students are encouraged to try and recognize the color harmonies within each painting. There is a great video that explains the effect that color has on us. I also included widgets that lead to three websites for further reference about color meaning, the emotions they can convey and how colors affect each other. Two of these websites are interactive. The NJCCCS are included as well. As much as I enjoyed creating my canvas, there were, however, some glitches. For example, for some reason I could not use my PC to create or view my canvas, I had to use my MacBook. Nevertheless, I still think it was worth the time and the frustration that came along with establishing this informative tool.


  1. Color theory is a great to teach students because color is all around us. Each color has a significant meaning especially in marketing products.

  2. I really enjoyed this lesson! I think it is so interesting how you incorporated color into everyday life. I also really enjoyed the video that explains how color affects us even if we do not realize. The informative websites were also really interesting; many people do not realize that color can convey many different emotions. I also had problems making a PLAYground canvas with my PC, so I know how you feel!

  3. Hello Karen, creating a PLAYground canvas was slightly frustrating, although I learned from it. I realized how versatile our teaching standards could be.
    And also, we both were working with color theory; it was indeed a rewarding experience to see the so many aspects of color and realizing how curious is the world. You found emotions in it, I found sound, incredible.