Thursday, November 14, 2013

Unit Plan Canvas Remix


 One of the features that PLAYground has is that it allows you to "remix" someone else's canvas. I decided to try this feature on the canvas entitled Introduction to a Unit on Emotion in Music. I remixed this canvas to integrate a lesson in visual arts. When I first came across this canvas, my thoughts went right to Abstract Expressionism. Many Abstract Expressionists’ works were influenced by the emotions they felt in music. I included images of some of these paintings along with a short video about Jackson Pollock, The Museum of Modern Art actually put together a CD containing the jazz songs that Pollock listened to while he painted. I also included a video of a demonstration of a contemporary artist painting while feeling the emotion of music. The links I provided give further information about Abstract Expressionism as well as a link to the original canvas I remixed. Usually the original canvas is supposed to carry onto the remixed version, but there seemed to be a glitch in the system. I did not eliminate any of the information from the original canvas because I believe it provides the information needed to become familiar with “Emotions in Music”. I think that an integration of these topics works because they support each other naturally. Musicians also have been inspired to create music from works of art. You can visit my remixed canvas by clicking on the link below.

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  1. I love the overall appearance of your canvas. Mixing music with art is what I strive to have my classrooms. We need to collaborate with other subjects. As a result mixing subjects can have a dynamic effect on some students. It may even inspire them to create an innovative idea.