Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Video Making in the Art Classroom

       There are many different ways to incorporate the making of videos into the art classroom. I was able to experience creating many of these various projects in a course I took last year. I think they are fun and use many of the technologies students are familiar with, but, may introduce them to new tools as well.   One project that can be fun and challenging is having the students work together to produce an instructional video. In the video, they can demonstrate a particular art technique or a “How to.” They can experiment with speeding up some of the frames, adding music and voice-overs. Another enjoyable project would be for them to create a documentary on an artist. This can take the place of a written essay. The students would download still images and import them into iMovie or a program similar to this. They then can add music, voice-overs and the Ken Burns effect. The Ken Burns effect is when the images are zoomed and panned over. It’s amazing the effect that this produces only using still images. They also can construct a short movie, where they create the script, storyboard and props. The movie can be about a local or global social issue.  The students can also create a documentary about themselves. If there is a planned art show at the end of the year, you can have the students interview and film each other in the actual “creation process” throughout the year. They can then present the final video at the art show. These are just some of the various ways to incorporate video making into the art classroom.


  1. Having a video to show students what to do can be helpful since art can be very hands on. Creating a short movie is a creative idea that follows one of the art standards which is digital storytelling.

  2. Karen - making videos is becoming a great tool for art teachers. It is great because it is engaging as well as fairly easy. Once you get the gist of how to work the video camera and movie making program, it is not that difficult. I remember the class with these projects. The how-to project was fun to make! Just like you, I got so much out of it. It was a great course in teaching how to incorporate technology specifically into art class.

  3. Hello Karen, approximately two years ago I was personally driven to try edit a video and got the chance to use iMovie and play with Ken Burns effect with a cellphone app. The outcomes where definitely rewarding, I agree that it would be great to incorporate video making into an art classroom because those are skills that could be beneficial in life.